January 24, 2010


Yeah, I know, lazy idjit.
I should let it die because I post at DPUD, but what the heck, I'll just keep it limping along until I can get some of that sweet, sweet blog money.

So I'm watching the Islanders/Devils game and Wow!
These games used to be real crap. The Islanders weren't that great (they sucked) and the Devils were really good at clogging the lanes and slowing the pace of play to what you would expect out of a very good soccer game. (i.e. slow and booooring). All the play was between the blue lines.

When Brodeur went down last year they started playing a different style. They couldn't count on him to let them win 1-0 or 2-1 so they had to play a more open game and stayed with it even when he came back. Their games have become much more enjoyable against everybody. I particulary like watching them play the Capitals. (The Isles are somewhere around 6-287-1 here since I've moved down)

This game has been great, it was 1-0 in the middle of the 2nd, but that's because Brodeur has made some Hall of Fame saves, not because it hasn't been exciting.
Of course, most of the period was exciting for the Isle. The Devils didn't have a shot on goal until the final minute or two.
The Devils got a 5 minute major, major boarding in the middle. It was a board  and drew blood. I should have flipped to the Devil's feed to see what they were saying. The Devils coach was freaking out about bullshit calls (merde is bad, right?), but it was pretty blatant and it drew blood.
The Isles scored one in the first two minutes of the major so they stayed on the power play, then they scored another to make it 2-1, and there was still more than 2 minutes left so they stayed on the power play. In a major you only get your man back if there's less than two minutes left.
Jacque Lemaire, the Devil's coach, didn't immediately put a player in the penalty box after the second goal. I think it was a not so subtle "screw you" to the refs. "My man doesn't belong in there."
The Isles announcers opined that maybe he forgot but the one guy says, "Well, he has assistant coaches".
Yup, I'm sure even players were trying to say something.
He was pissed.
So there wasn't a whistle for the rest of the power play.
You can only put a man on the ice to even things up from the penalty box or after a whistle, so they had to play a man down until the next whistle.

I'd never even thought about that before much less heard of it and the Isles announcers said it happened in, I think, Phoenix this week.
Twice in a week. I wonder if it'll happen again, they come in threes. I'm not superstitious, but....
Well, I am.

Anyway, it was funny. Well, for a few minutes.
Remember how I said they only had one shot in the final coupla minutes?
 He shoots, he scores!

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January 20, 2010


I need to stop watching Islanders games.
Sure they're been exciting, but the last two days when I don't watch, they score 2 goals, when I do they get scored on.
Go Isles, this is the latest they've been in the playoff race in years, ,they're the 8th and final team right now, last year they were 15th at this point.
They're rebuilding is going very well.

I watch the game and they go down 4-0. I take the dog for a walk and it's 4-2, then I watch the election results and it's 4-4. Then, the race is called for Brown so I flip back and they're down 5-4.

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January 15, 2010

O'Reilly goes insane

Okay, O'Reilly, who's called Iraq a "Debacle" more than once and has yet to eat crow on that, is now calling to invade Haiti.

And Obama might even do it.
Think of the chance for graft, they'll get the UN involved so those pesky US laws don't apply and then, well, imagine oil for food with the US happily involved.
And since Obama doesn't understand the world, he'll send the Marines into Haiti just like Clinton when what you need are like a whole bunch of military police types.
Marines aren't trained to do what's needed in Haiti, it's a whole different mission.
Or worse, it'll be a bunch of UN peacekeepers, from Nigeria and Pakistan and whatnot, so at least people with young (cute) children will eat well.

So $billions will go down a craphole and won't accomplish squat. And after a year or so, they'll just abandon them again.
It sucks to be Haitian.

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January 07, 2010

One Eyed Monster

So last night I was going to go to sleep when I saw a movie coming on, One Eyed Monster with Ron Jeremy. I had to watch it.

The review has some cussing, so it's below the fold.

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January 05, 2010

Darn, Christmas was last week.


That's just beautiful.
You can get yours here if you want.
 I used to know who the Infidel is, but I can't remember anymore.
He makes a cool shirt though.
He also has one for womyn.

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December 20, 2009

Lazy Bastid

And this is why I didn't start a blog years ago, I have a high laziness factor and my alter ego is Captain Procrastination (with his trusty sidekick, Rationalization Boy),
Why put off til tomorrow what you can do the day after?

So I'm sitting here watching a foot or two of global warming come down.
In August I got tix for the Giants/Foreskins Monday night game and some friends from Tampa/Atlanta (complicated) were going to come up.
December in DC is weird, it could be 20 or 60. I always root for 60.
They were going to drive up on Saturday, we do touristy stuff and then go to the game on Monday and then go the guy's mother's house in Myrtle Beach on Tuesday for Xmas.
I called him last week and said, "Dude, it's going to blizzard here on Saturday and be in the 20s for the game. I know you two are warm weather types so if you don't want to come, I can get rid of the tix."
So they decided to drive up yesterday.
They drove through a rainstorm until they got to Richmond, then it was snow. It took them 4 hours or more to get to Crystal City from Richmond.
So last night, at 1130 I drove from Old Town Alexandria to Crystal City in the snow. I have a 2006 Mustang GT convertible.
What fun I had last night. My car has all the attributes of a toboggan in snow. Unsteerable and unstable.
The ride there wasn't bad, they had salted the crap out of Route 1, but the ride back at 1:30 was a pain. There was a small hill, I couldn't accelerate at all. I kept losing the rear end. Two people passed me, but one guy kept following me so I couldn't floor it, spin out and slide sideways until I got some speed up. I even, so help me, tried leaving the traction control on. Mistake, with the car floored I wasn't moving. It almost stalled out.
Eh, now they want to do stuff today.
It's a freaking blizzard out. I want to sit in my apartment and bring my fluffy tard dog out to play in the snow.

Oh well.
The NFL screwed me this year. The Giants/Tampa game was in Tampa in September with the Giants/Skins game in December.
So I went to a game where it was 100 degrees and Monday I get to go to a sub-freezing game.
If they had reversed those games, I would have been a happy camper. DC in September can be hot, but rarely 100+with 180% humidity and a torrential downpour at 3pm and Tampa is looking about fantastic right now.
Oh well. I'm off to K-Mart to get long johns, gloves, a winter jacket and hand warmers.
For the game? I'm thinking hot tea with Hennessy and Bailey's. That'll warm you up. I usually have a couple hot chocolate and Crown, but you can't drink too many of those, they get too sweet.

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December 09, 2009


What is going on with Tiger?

I don't like to know too much about athlete's personal lives.
I like Tom Brady because he plays all out, says the right things (except for once, and it cost him the Super Bowl and a perfect season) and bangs supermodels.
That's all I know about him.
I don't want to know which drugs they do, which women they beat, which women they cheat on their wives with, which cars they wreck on which highway or their politics.

It used to be all I knew about Tiger was that he played well, endorsed more stuff than Krusty the Klown and Peyton combined and his driver had cool special effects in his video games.

Now, I know entirely too much about which drugs he does, which and how many women he screws and which women  beat him and now something with an ambulance and critical care at 3 A.M.
Oh well.

Non-update while I was still writing
I just saw it was supposedly his mother in law, but today's "news" services don't really worry about confirming anything and the early reports are always wrong, so we'll see. Too bad it wasn't Shep who said it, then I know it would be wrong.
Now they're speculating on someone following her to the hospital. As if we really care who it was, Tiger's wife or her twin-sister.

Wait, Tiger's hot wife had a twin sister? And he's banging outside the family?

Now I have an even lower opinion of the dude.

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December 04, 2009

Bible Thumper

Okay, I can't figure out who would have done this, but it surely is weird.
Very weird.
I have to wonder if the person is anti-religious and did this to try to discredit the Bible.
Why do I say that?
Well, take this for instance. "The Second Circumcision". You click along and it goes along the story from Joshua until you get here and here where you see a guy with a chisel cutting into the groin of a grimacing guy with a clear, red block there.
Or this whole page
"God kills 70,000", "God makes promises He won't keep", "God kills a baby".

So he's a Bible thumper, but is he thumping the Bible because he loves it?

I'm figuring he's bashing the Bible and Christianity, sort of like Dogma in Legos.

H/T, Tex at Whacking Day 
Update: title inserted and post updated so it makes sense and with proper H/T.  

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December 03, 2009

Dammit, I knew I should have watched the speech

So I missed Obama's speech last night and I see I should have watched it.
FrnakJ watched and wrote down some especially interesting parts.

“America has always been at the forefront of… oh, this is more of that ‘American exceptionalism’ boilerplate. I’m just going to go ahead and skip it.”
“Know that of the people who will be trying to kill you, very few are what you’d describe as ‘close friends’ of mine.”


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December 01, 2009

Drunken Vegas

There's a movie called "Pink Flamingos", if you know of it, don't think less of me for having seen it and (gasp) owning it on DVD (I pre-ordered).
If you don't know it, it's the most twisted movie you'll ever not want to see. There is nearly every perversion modern man can think of in it and a couple that I actually think might be too twisted to have actually happened. Seriously. Someone sics the cops on Divine so not only does she kill the cops, she eats them. Raw. The talent portion of her birthday party is probably the inspiration for goatse.
Except more disgusting.
Now I have to watch that movie again, it's been a few years.

So my first night in Vegas I was up for about 23 hours straight, at about the 15 hour mark I started drinking Crown Royal on the rocks brought by very helpful women. I won over a grand at 3 card poker on two hands and I was generally winning pretty heavily the whole night so I was tipping everybody in sight, I think I tipped a fern at one point. The very helpful women made sure my drink never ran out. I started off trying to lose a hundred and I was going to bed and I just couldn't lose. I finally was going to go to sleep no matter what and I figured I had a room, so why not use it?

We were staying at the Flamingo. The movie is the Pink Flamingo.

Finally, the point.
At the 23 hour mark I was heading for my room when, I swear, I passed Connie Marble, Divine's nemesis from that movie.

 I couldn't remember her name though, I was a little under the weather. Must have been jet lag.
I didn't talk to her to ask her if it was on purpose. Mostly because of aforementioned being under the weather but also because I didn't remember her name and what if she just dressed that way?
"Excuse me, are you supposed to be the movie character who's trying to be the most horrible person in the world?"
That would probably be worse than asking a fat lady when she's due.

 I saw Connie Marble at the Pink Flamingo, that's pretty darn funny.
I didn't remember it until just this morning.
Must have been the jet lag.

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November 29, 2009


They got the crap kicked out of them.
And now I need a new TV.

Oh well, the day was great right up until 8:20.

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November 25, 2009


Well, the New York Football Giants won.
I was thinking it was a test game. Were they the suck team we've seen the last 4 weeks or the bruising, in yo face team we saw the first 5?
We still don't know.
We do know that Tynes will miss at least one field goal a game.
Hakim Nix still looks good.
We learned that Manningham can play a game without bobbling everything he touches.
Danny Ware can be good.

Now to the Islanders.
They look just good enough.
This year they wanted to suck to get one more top draft pick but their goalies are kicking butt.
They'd be in the playoffs if the season ended today. Sure it's only a third of the way through, but last year they were like 20 points out by now. Heck, by the middle or the season I thought they were mathematically eliminated for this year.
Their games are fun too. In the beginning of the season, they would get a lead and then lose it at the end and lose in OT. It went like clockwork.
Then, they started being the ones buzzing around the net in the last 2 minutes and started winning those games.
The rookies are kicking butt, Tavaris is darn good and this kid, Quincy, played too many games to be a rookie, but not enough to have really played so he's a rookie pretty much and he's kicking butt.

Well, if they're both gonna lose anyway, at least they're keeping me interested.

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November 22, 2009

Filthy lies are funny

By popular demand (well my demand, and I'm pretty popular with the owner of this here moronblog) in this exciting episode of steali.... paying homage to FrnakJ of IMAO, we bring his first filthy lie where he was trying to get Instapundit to link to him.

Hey, everyone! It's Frank J. I hope you're having a good weekend, but I have to tell you about this horrible thing I found out. See, I ran into Glenn Reynolds today and he was drinking what looked like some sort of smoothie. So I asked him, "Hey, Glenn Reynolds, what are you drinking?"

And he said, "It's my special energy drink to keep me fit and my intellect sharp."

"Wow," I responded, "How do you make it?"

"I put a puppy in a blender!" Glenn Reynolds laughed and then took an extra long sip.

"You can't put a puppy in a blender!" I said in complete horror.

"I can do whatever I want! I'm Glenn Reynolds!"

"You monster!"

He took another drink. "Mmmm... puppy. And, the cuter the puppy, the better the energy drink. Muh ha ha ha ha!" He then ran off, drinking his puppy.

Click for the rest, including poorly photoshoped evidence.
That was a funny time. He kept making up filthy lies and Glenn kept messing with him. Like the link to IMAO in Insty's blog roll went to a pic of a drooling fool and other stuff like that.
Finally he did give FrnakJ the link so it worked, and IMAO is still around 6 years later.

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November 19, 2009

I love it when a plan comes together.

I updated below, but I should do it up here.
Apparently this is fake. Oh well, it's a good fake.


Apparently it's not true, at least according to the Victoria Advocate.

Snopes says it's fake too, but I don't trust them on anything even remotely related to politics.

It's still funny.

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They're better than you.

California is what you get when all the leftist stereotypes get together and make a state. It's pretty funny.
This story has a bunch to make it good.
First, the CA legislature is trying to make pii=3, or something similar.

The most power-hungry television sets could soon be banned from store shelves in California as state energy regulators on Wednesday consider a first-in-the nation mandate intended to lower electricity demand.

Okay, so just typical so far, but look at what they're mandating
For example, all new 42-inch television sets must use less than 183 watts by 2011 and less than 116 watts by 2013.

Heh, let's see what TVs use now
42-inch Hitachi plasma TV sold in 2007 uses 313 watts while a 42-inch Sharp Liquid-crystal display, or LCD, TV draws 232 watts, according to Energy Commission research

That's nearly in half for plasma and in half for LCD. I expect Arizona, Nevada, Oregon and Mexico to see huge increases in tv sales.

But why the headline? you ask?
TVs larger than 58 inches would not be covered under the rule,
Geez, you don't expect the rich and famous to watch crappy TVs, do you?

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November 18, 2009

Sorry Meryl

First, I'm totally against gerrymandering. I don't like "safe" districts, that gives us Denny Hastert and Nancy Pelosi.

I've voted twice for Congressman since I moved to Alexandria, VA.
My congressman is Jim Moran.
The GOP usually doesn't even run anyone against him so I just write in Meryl Yourish. No reason, she just mentioned something a few years ago about writing her in for some other office and it makes me laugh. I'm not wasting my vote anymore than not voting or writing in Zombie Reagan.

So this year he's actually going to have competition!
I get to vote for a real person
for Congress!

I'm actually kinda scared.

Via the Puppy Blender

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November 12, 2009

Slippery slope

Drudge link, so sue me.

Brit researchers are experimenting with using human DNA in animals.

For one of the few times in my life, I don't agree with Bart Simpson, I don't want my monkey man.

We're getting into an interesting time. We're advanced enough we can start playing god while many of the scientists who are doing so don't believe in a god or in any ethics resembling Christianity.
I don't believe in a god, but I still try to live the rule of "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

Which means that, unless you're being an asshole, I try to leave others alone.

I can imagine a time when commies and socialists (who inherently don't have any respect for people not themselves) start breeding "workers". Like people with ape DNA who are very strong and can carry a lot or something.

Interesting times.

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What are the odds?

I forget where I saw this, but Futurepundit talks about how "user interface researchers" are going to use cute stuff to make people do what they want them to do.
One experiment showed that when programming a washing machine, people were more inclined to follow energy consumption advice about different cycles when it came from iCat rather than graphs and numbers. That suggests the savings which simple awareness can provoke can be magnified by using more "social" mechanisms to deliver advice.

I wonder, which "people" did they use for this study?
Me? I don't like being told what to do, I would probably use extra-wasteful energy settings if some stupid iCat told me what to do.

I save energy as a matter of course. I turn off lights I don't need, I have a window office at work and if the Sun is up, my lights are off. Which means I almost never use them. I have a one bedroom apt and unless it's summer and I need the A/C, my electric bill is less than $50.
I take the bus to work and walk home.
Not because of enviro stuff, but because I'm cheap.

But if some stupid, cute little cartoon character tells me to do it, I'd probably start driving to work (2 miles) and leaving the lights in my office on even when I'm not there.
I'm actually surprised I still have a nose.

The problem with Americans is that we're assholes, we don't like being told what to do.
I flew to Vegas (duh), and all around me people were getting pissed. because the TSA people are idiots and mini-Napoleons puffed up with their own importance. The only reason I didn't get more upset was because they can make the next 10 hours of my life a total hassle.

It's like today's version of "customer service". I won't deal with AT&T or Comcast for anything and DirecTV is pissing me off. I don't hate Verizon as much, but I hate dealing with them. I tried to get a telephone in my house and spent over an hour explaining that no, I haven't had the same number for the last 5 years so I don't owe them for another guy's number. After the hour+, they agreed and then wanted to transfer me to someone who would set up my phone. I told them "no thanks".
I have a Sprint cell phone because their customer service even though their coverage area is the smallest of the big companies because, while not all that competent, they will fix what they've screwed up and usually don't start off with "You're wrong, now gimme your money", unlike the others listed above.

Our intellectual, social, moral and political betters are getting mad we're not EUnuchs who put up with that crap.
Me? I think we're reaching a breaking point. Pretty soon Americans are going to revolt. It'll start small, but the people who think they're our masters will overreact and it'll snowball until the chit really hits the fan.

I think things are about to get very darn interesting.
(comments are back on, when I go away without computer, I'm not in the mood to have to delete a million comments from some b00t company or whatever spam is filling up comments).

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November 11, 2009

I'm back

Well, I'm back.
It was a rough weekend, I didn't get back until late last night and had to go to work this morning.
Detroit sucks (sorry Eric), if they hadn't thrown a damn INT for a TD in the last minute my whole trip would have been free. But no.
Oh well. That's why they call it gambling.

I'll start posting tomorrow when my brain catches up.
One good thing about Vegas, you don't get jet lag, you just get burned out.
You don't get jet lag because you pretty much just sleep every now and then for a few hours, time doesn't matter unless you're waiting on a poker tourney or something.

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November 06, 2009

I'm outta here

I'm off to Vegas tomorrow, I won't have a computer with me.
Wish me luck.
Actually, wish me no luck. I have lots and lots of luck when I gamble.
All of it bad.

Monday, I'm shooting machine guns. Woo-hoo.

I'm hoping to shoot the full auto versions of semi-autos I have, like a Thompson, an M-16, an M-2 carbine and an Uzi.

I figure I'll try 3 round bursts and save the Uzi for last and do a 32 round burst.

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